Cocaine Anonymous Inc.
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9100 Sepulveda Boulevard, Suite 218
Los Angeles, CA 90045

Website Linking Policy
As it is stated in our bylaws as part of our Traditions, Tradition 6 states clearly we are not allied with any sect, denomination, politic, organization or institution, we neither endorse, nor oppose any causes. Therefore we are not permitted to link anyone on our website that isn’t a direct affiliate to our organization. We are a self-help organization designed to help anyone who wants help with overcoming their addictions.

If you are experiencing any problems with functionality or other issues please email us.

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Please see the COVID-19 Advisory letter on the Homepage.

 Pursuant to the California governor's order yesterday (3/19/20), all  CALA Cocaine Anonymous meetings will be closed until such time as the State of California rescinds the order.

***CALA Area Meeting is canceled For April.***