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NOTE - 1
The Cocaine Anonymous logo must be used in its entirety as shown bellow. The official logo includes the inner circle of the logo that contains the artistic text “CA”, the outer circle which contains the text “HOPE FAITH COURAGE” and the registered trademark symbol. No other text or design element may touch overlap or show through behind the logo other than a solid color. The block letters “C.A.” may only be used alone when they bear no resemblance to the inner circle type style of the official logo.

  • The logo to the left is at enough high enough resolution to be copied and pasted or dragged to any word document in the creation of CA Event Flyers or other CA approved literature.

NOTE - 2
No other individual or entity may use the name ―COCAINE ANONYMOUS™ the block letters ―C.A.,™ the official COCAINE ANONYMOUS LOGO* (hereinafter ―logo‖), future variations of the logo, the book title ―HOPE, FAITH & COURAGE: STORIES FROM THE FELLOWSHIP OF COCAINE ANONYMOUS, HOPE, FAITH & COURAGE VOLUME II: Stories and Literature from the Fellowship of Cocaine Anonymous, and/or the motto ―WE‘RE HERE AND WE‘RE FREE‖ without the written permission of the Cocaine Anonymous World Service Board of Trustees.
If an Event references any brand name, company or landmark name or potential affiliation the following disclaimer should be used at the bottom of the flyer, newsletter, directory, etc:

“In the spirit of Tradition Six, C.A. is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution.”

If you have any doubt as to the appropriate use of this disclaimer please contact central office for further guidance.